3D Modelling

3D Modelling Services

We at DesignIYE, provide you 3D modelling Services to create your dream room in real life. 3D modelling is a combination of art & science. Refined taste combined along with tedious material science is the distinguishing formula for extraordinary 3D structures. We redefine ordinary spaces in to beautiful and state-of-art models. We just need idea behind inputs for your space and we provide you the complete 3D model design.

It includes:

  • Specifications of the required space
  • Depending on your specifications, we generate a tremendously detailed plan of your interior space
  • Development of the 2D plan and converting them in to 3D plan
  • Accurate measurements of current fragments, precise assignment of doors and windows: every detail is used to produce a perfectly realistic rendering
  • We further provide a selection of items and an outline that are suited to your needs and taste.
  • After selecting your products, we work with you to determine the colours, materials, and finishes
  • We obtain the final render and discuss with the clients
  • Then the final delivery is done

We provide 3D modelling services in number of sectors such as:

  • Home Furniture
  • Modular Kitchens
  • Furniture Sofa Sets
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Bookshelves Chairs
  • Coffee Tables Dining
  • Room Furniture Dining Table Sets
  • Fabric Sofas

3d Modelling

We have an expert team of engineers working dedicatedly under 3D modelling and use high end softwares and tools to produce the exact virtual model behind your thoughts.  We are able to produce 3D model from any map, layout, plan either in digital form or on paper.  We get connected internationally through our modelling services and assist our clients from several genres and regions with their projects. We offer a sound and competitive rates for all the 3D modelling solutions. Please contact us for creating beautiful 3d models of your architectural structures.

May 10, 2019