3D Printing Services

We gratefully present you 3D printing services at DesignIYE. Meet all your 3D printing solutions with us. We offer core services in 3D printing and provide best accurate deliveries to our clients. We deal with number of materials under these services which include resin, ploy lactic acid (PLA), nylon, ABS materials etc.

Why 3D printing is needed?

  • We thoroughly understand 3D concept and related printing solutions when it comes to printing services. Any new product when launched in market; a prior research and study has to be done regarding the design and appearance of the product. Here we incorporate 3D printing services where a quick prototype of the product can be easily printed out and physical details can be studied.
  • When manufacturing of any product is to be carried out in bulk, at very initial stage a single model of the product is made to examine all the dimensional parameters having the same scale as the actual product. 3D printing enables to investigate and remove all the possible error and perform required modifications before the actual manufacturing.
  • The components made from 3D printing techniques are ideally close to the actual product made. In small and complex machines, several of the components are made from 3D printing technique and are directly used in operation.
  • Have to develop a new product? printer helps you to develop and work on newer concepts which are not fully investigated through CAD models. A physical model is more appealing and provides better understanding on whatsoever concept to be worked on.

We provide all these solutions under the 3D printing services so that you get the best solution without any issues. We have a wide network of clients in India as well as around the globe for whom we serve through this service.

3D Printing Services

Our services include:

  • Rapid prototype printing
  • Concept based printing
  • Test sample printing
  • Components for direct application
  • Prosthetic printing in medical field and many more

Technologies we use:

FDM (Fused Deposition Method)

SLA (Stereolithography)

SLS ( Selective Laser Sintering)

3D Printing Services in India

Materials available with us for 3D Printing 

  • ABS 

Properties: Strong, light, high resolution, somewhat flexible

Applications: Architectural models, concept models, DIY projects, manufacturing

  • PLA

Properties: Biodegradable, Food safe

Applications: Concept models, DIY projects, functional models, manufacturing

  • Nylon Polyamide

Properties: Strong, smooth surface (polished), somewhat flexible, chemically resistant

Applications: Concept models, functional models, medical applications, tooling, visual Arts

  • PEEK

Properties: Bio-compatible, highly durable, heat resistant, hard wearing

Applications: Manufacturing (automotive, aerospace, chemical, and medical industries)

  • PET

Properties: Strong, food safe, flexible, smooth surface

Applications: DIY projects, manufacturing, functional models

These are some of the few materials which are readily available throughout the year along with the huge range of other materials available on demand.

For Availing Our Services like FDM, SLA and SLS Please Contact Us.

April 12, 2019