3D Product Packaging Design


DesignIYE incorporates the service for 3D product packaging design. In order to have effective interaction of the product to the market it is very important to have a good design for its packaging. The package of any product is the first thing that a buyer notices before buying it. By means of our 3D product packaging design we help you to create the perfect packaging design for your product independent of any field. The product can be anything from commercial item to household product, edible items, food packages, medicine etc. We heartily extend our reach to provide best solution for your packaging needs.

3D product packaging design is a one-stop-solution for all 3D packaging design services in India as well as overseas which includes design study, product study, development of new designs etc. We implement photo-realistic 3D renderings to showcase the visual texture, color, structure in a new package design.

We provide our services those who want to:

  • Enhance the ongoing design of the product
  • Improve the buyer experience, showcase the value of the product, has better visibility on shelves etc.
  • Those who want to launch any new product in the market and expect an eye catchy design on their package.
  • Those who want to maintain their budget and get excellent packaging solutions for their products.

We have an expert team of designers working dedicatedly on packaging design. We use multiple software platforms and modern techniques to create the final 3D model of the package of the product. The team has high end knowledge and skills and highly innovative regarding the theme, color, texture etc regarding the product.

3D Product Packaging Design


We design packages in form of:

  • boxes and containers
  • bottles
  • cases and shells
  • labels and sleeves
  • cartons (plain, folded, duplex board, etc.)
  • pouches
  • cans, and many more

The service of packaging design enable us to generate the final result in fully textured 3D package models in PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, FPX, OBJ formats. The end result is high quality 3D rendered images of the product resembling the actual product on its manufacturing. Please contact us with your requirements ready.

May 11, 2019