DWG to DGN Conversion

The services at DesignIYE provide DWG to DGN conversion services for your drawing project. We completely comprehend the standards of CAD and provide the service for Dwg to Dgn conversion through our network at India as well as global levels. AutoCad have in the recent years have included an export function within the Software that helps the user to convert any file format especially DWG to DGN.

Get fast and Error free delivery

Our working team within the DWG to DGN conversion services guarantees a grouping of both manual and Autovectorization technology which supports you with organization of your CAD files. At the time of converting from DWG to DGN and DGN to DWG, we make sure to maintain the number of layers and levels in DWG and DGN. We offer our services in order to convert DGN to DWG and DWG to DGN creating maximum number of levels and layers as per your requirement.

In our DWG to DGN conversion services, we utilize the latest version and modern software tool such as AutoCAD in converting the required files in MicroStation format in DGN form. By means of the DWG file as a reference for your project, our team takes the parameters from the original drawing and scales them manually so as to obtain the actual dimensions for your project at the point where it is recreated.

DWG To DGN Conversion

Key features of our conversion services

  • In every project we follow All the required standards
  • We follow international standards for outsourced projects
  • All the final files are quickly and efficiently editable
  • We provide full customization facility within the guidelines of the project files
  • We also provide search index for large number of conversion for easy access

We maintain complete confidentiality of our work with respect to the project undertaken from several clients. Our service includes facilitating the entire project until it is delivered to the client. For availing our services please contact us.

May 9, 2019