FRP Products

DesignIYE provides full consultancy regarding FRP products to fulfill your FRP needs. We work as consultant on a global platform and provide high end solutions to the clients. FRP products are used in construction and building works, since they have comparatively more strength and are efficient than wood and metals. FRP products are widely used in industrial as well as commercial applications since they are light in weight, rust free, termite free, and cost effective.

Why FRP products?

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) is a brilliant category of material for several purposes which include:

  • chemical storage tanks
  • piping systems
  • chimney liners
  • duct systems
  • optic fiber cables

Features of FRP

FRP products are basically thermosetting resins and glass fibers. The mixture of resin and glass fibers forms a product of FRP. The resin prevents the product from environmental impact such as corrosion and erosion whereas the glass fibers act as binders and provide the required strength to the product.

We offer FRP products in various forms. Depending upon the utility, FRP products are manufactured in:

  • Woven or cloth type material
  • In form of pipes
  • FRP sheets with desired thickness
  • FRP plates
  • FRP laminates

Fibre Reinforced Polymer products are highly resistant to temperatures, dust proof, and can be easily formed in to complex shapes and geometries. We provide complete consultancy through our wide spread network in Fibre Reinforced plastic products all over the globe. We have connections with several vendors specialized in manufacturing of Fibre Reinforced Plastic products as per your need.

FRP Products

We work as world class consultants in availing on demand products of Fibre Reinforced plastic of any category and type in quick amount of time. We understand the need and requirement of every client and thus provide you the best solution through our wide network of vendors to meet up your Fibre Reinforced Polymer product needs. We have worked for number of renowned companies in providing the services related to Fibre Reinforced Polymers products at very reasonable rates so get connected.

April 12, 2019