DesignIYE provides high quality drawings and layout by offering Paper to CAD conversion services. Get accurate CAD conversions from high quality Orthophoto, with zero errors and consistent delivery. DesignIYE as a company of CAD Conversion we do offer Paper to CAD conversion services to several domains like, Electrical drafting, Utility cad drafting, Civil cad drafting, Oil and Gas industries, Land Survey, Architectural Drafting.

In our Paper to CAD conversion services we include 2D drafting services. The only input we need is sketch on a paper, either rough or fully constrained, and we will provide you the exact drawing in digital form using CAD tools. The Paper to CAD conversion includes:

  • Architectural plan conversion
  • Engineering plan conversion
  • Mechanical plan conversion
  • Civil plan conversion
  • Electrical plan conversion
  • Machine drawings conversion
  • Historical archives conversion
  • Construction document conversion
  • Utility plan conversion
  • Site plan conversion

Our expertise in CAD conversions

Our team comprises of Engineers, Architects and Draftsmen who have rich experience across various industry verticals and are familiar with codes of practice globally. By the services offered in CAD conversion, we can effortlessly put together your data and sketches to give you accurate final drawings. We perform the conversion process as well as add value by pointing out errors and correcting them whenever needed. We ensure quality not just from a conversion standpoint but also from an operational and functional perspective.

Paper to cad conversion

Quality in Conversion services

We check and verify multiple times the final drawings before delivering it to the clients. This enables to deliver error free results by our CAD conversion services. At DesignIYE you have the benefits such as:

  • Reproduce superior quality drawings from poor quality originals
  • Save time vs. digitizing tablets, redrawing, copying and printing documents
  • Enhanced services to customers at a lower cost
  • Eliminate misplaced drawings and documentation
  • Get shared access to large files and databases
  • Reduced retrieval and print time of the electronic files
  • High quality drawings with accuracy in dimensions
May 9, 2019