The PDF to Dwg conversion enables to edit and modify any drawing, design sketch which is not possible in pdf format. Sharing of image, design patterns, drawings have become easier in pdf form via mails. But these files are not fully editable or can be modified. DesignIYE provides the pdf to dwg conversion services where we convert and modify (if needed) pdf files in dwg format. These files are easily accessible in CAD softwares and can be edited.

Forte of our PDF to DWG conversion service

  • The complete processes of redrafting are done by a combination of manual and automated processes. This helps to maintain complete accuracy of dimension.
  • The conversion process is put under to severe quality checks and absolute confidentiality and security of the documents are maintained.
  • We are capable to adhering to the prescribed engineering standards as well as industry standards.
  • The converted DWG documents are compatible with the latest CAD tools and are fully scalable.
  • After the conversion process is over, the old images can be refurbished to meet the in house standards by making changes to the blocks, borders, colors, layers, text styles, symbols etc.
  • We offer one of the best and reliable conversion services at the most competitive rates.

The pdf to dwg conversion services offered to global clients all around the world through mutual business.


The process in this service includes:

  • Initial inquiry
  • Discussion with the client
  • Receiving the required file in pdf form
  • Working on the conversion process using CAD tools
  • Quality check to eliminate errors
  • Verification with the client
  • Final delivery in dwg format

We use the latest and modern techniques and tools to implement the conversion services and make sure that the final dwg file is compatible with all the previous versions of CAD software. We aim at delivering fast and cost effective results to our clients and create exactly what they need. For Inquiries contact us.

May 9, 2019