Product Design and Development

At DesignIYE we bring to our clients the service of Product Design and Development. We have highly qualified and experienced team of engineers working on exclusive ideas and concepts that are implemented in technical sector. Our approach is based on fundamental, multiple disciplinary iterative designs planning which enables us to properly and exactly understand the requirements from any client.

Product innovation

The product design and development includes producing results from new and modern technology by successive brainstorming sessions carried out by the team of engineers. This includes the overall thinking, idea behind product, appearance of the product etc. from the very initial stage until the final product is made. The brainstorming sessions have detailed discussions with regarding the product and it is verified at every point with the client, so as to meet their requirements perfectly.

Technical Feasibility

Once the idea behind the product is fixed, our services for product design and development initiates on concept based sketches resembling the product. We create several concept based sketches depending upon the type of product to be developed and continuous research is incorporated until the final sketch is decided. This enables you to get a basic instinct about your product in terms of appearance and illustrations.

Product Design and development also includes research behind the working mechanism of the product (if it is a complete assembly) and formulate their principles of operation under the given conditions. The complete working principle is kept confidential and private to the respective clients only. The working process enables to rectify modifications in the product so as to be used by any user in the most reliable and comfortable manner.

Product development

Under our product design and development services we offer the platform of product development. Here, our expert team of engineers develops the product using various CAD tools which looks realistic. We also work on drawing for manufacturing (DFM) under which your needs and requirements are developed completely in form of technical drawings and a detailed version is created for direct manufacturing purposes.


Quality and support

DesignIYE ensures graphics and rendering under the product design and development services. This feature provides the final version of the developed product through several combinations of textures, lightings and colors etc. which helps our clients to use them for various purposes such as promotion, marketing of the product, generating newer business and many more. The end product is a high quality rendered image of the product which is closely relatable to the actual product on its manufacturing. For availing our services you can Contact us.

May 9, 2019