Scanning and Measurement Services

Envisioning the current and modern trends in market we offer scanning and measurement services to our clients. Especially when it comes to manufacturing overcoming dimensional error and producing accurate component or product is very essential. Due to technical issues often even by several precautions taken, few of the errors still remain. Hence to overcome those issues, we provide scanning and measurement services where you get exact and error free design of your product.

Our services include various aspects as far as its reachability is concerned, such as:

  • Adaptive laser techniques help in accurate scanning with zero percent error
  • Helps in implementing reverse engineering
  • In our services we identifies voids and sharp curves with ease
  • Very fine holes and ruptures are recognized and measured through scanning
  • Geometrical based study and inspection is easily performed
  • Study for surface evenness and unevenness can be calibrated
  • Helps in creating perfect molds for components

By the means of scanning & measurement services, we are able to create accurate CAD models and virtual models depending upon the project as per the client’s need. We serve at pan India level as well as global level.

Scanning and measurement services

We are able to provide digitized form results through our services such as;

  • Historical drawings,
  • Create reusable 3D models,
  • Ensure the accuracy of 3D point cloud information

We provide detailed and complete information of any component or mechanical assembly under our service with complete mechanism of their working. We work on providing easiest and comparatively low price solutions to our customers to encourage their production or manufacturing in india working on a theme of make in india. For availing our services to grow in the particular industry please contact us by filling the form in the side bar of our website or drop us a mail containing all your requirement on

May 9, 2019